Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Woolzies Dryer Balls Review!

My husband and I have been talking for a while now, about trying to be Greener.

With all of the different products on the market now days, one might not know where to start...let alone know what products are TRULY eco friendly!

With Woolzies being 100% pure wool...that makes them...

Thats right! 100% pure wool dryer balls that are 100% eco friendly!

Now I've never seen anything like Woolzies before! I was super excited when Woolzies agreed to send me their set of 6 XL dryer balls, for review!

I think that the packaging is adorable and I love that you can see and feel the balls through the box!

With the directions displayed clearly on thr side of the box, there's no going wrong!!

I decided for my first test, that I would use my new baby!

It's brand new, so no need to wash just yet...but it was filled with static! Every time I would take it off, you could see sparks! Crazy, I know!

my almost 3 year old son was just as excited to use these, so my little helper jumped right into action!

He loved throwing in each ball! who knew...Woolzies doubles as a way to get little ones to help out!

End blanket seems softer and their seems to be waaaaay less static

I couldn't be happier! I can't wait to dry a whole load with them...I will post about how that goes as well!

I'm even happier that they last 1,000 loads! Say goodbye to dryer sheets forever!!

Visit: to learn more about Woolzies and place you're order!!

I received 1 set of Woolzies for review always, all opinions stated here are my own!


  1. These dryer balls sound nice I need to check them out.

    1. You shoul! Woolzies are amazing dryer balls! I love them! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  2. I've heard great things about dryer balls! I just haven't taken the time to look into BUYING them!

    1. Most dryer balls are fairly should check them out! They last forever and no need for dryer sheets or fabric softener! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!