Sunday, January 13, 2013

eForCity Hybrid Armor Case Review

Back in December while browsing Amazon, I came across a couple cases for me and the hubby's phones.

We both have the Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 from Tmobile. I was suprised to see that eForCity had a decent range of cases that fit our phones

The style was a big factor in our deciding which cases to purchase, but the price sealed the deal!

I picked the eForCity Hybrid Armor case in black and pink for $3.39!

Allen picked the eForCity Hybrid Armor case in black and blue for $3.58!

Now, we were super excited to buy these but due to us ordering them in mid December, they didn't arrive until a month later!

No biggie! After all, it was Christmas time and it wouldn't hurt to get a little something for ourselves after the holidays!

They finally arrived, and we immediately started to remove our old cases and slipped on the new ones.

The Verdict: They are an amazing buy for the price! The fit is almost spot on...there is a small gap on both sides, at the bottom where the shell has no silicone peice to hold on to.

Overall, the fit issue isnt anything big and I never even notice it! I dropped mine face first onto my mom's driveway this weekend and not even a scratch!! I will definitely be looking to eForCity for future purchases!

As always, all opinions stated here are completely my own :)

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