Sunday, December 30, 2012

Godiva Chocolate Bar Reviews

Last night while we were out exchanging a couple gifts at Jcpenny, the hubby and I decided to get a chocolate fix...

Now, I normally don't go to Jcpenny and buy chocolate. I ended up having around $9 of store credit left, so I grabed two Godiva chocolate bars!

Allen picked the dark chocolate almond and I picked the milk chocolate dipped strawberry.

I was uber excited to try them both! I love dark chocolate and the idea of chocolate and strawberries mixed together, made my mouth water!

This probably was my face when I opened mine...

Taste test: I liked the flavor of the milk chocolate and the tang of the strawberries wasn't bad, but I didn't like the crunch from the strawberries. The crunch made the strawberrys seem artificial and killed the overall flavor of the bar, to me!

Verdict: Not too bad, but for the price ( $4 jcpenny, $5 ) I don't think I would recommend buying this particular Godiva chocolate.won't buy again.

Allen trying the dark chocolate almond...

He is a sweet fanatic! So when he started eating it and never said anything, I figured it was awesome.

Turns out I was mistaken...I then tried a piece and it was incredibly bland! Hardly any flavor at all!

Taste test: Not good. Had a really flat and bland flavor.

Verdict: would definitely NOT recomend this Godiva chocolate! The price is the same as the other and totally not worth it.

Now Godiva has some great chocolate and im excited to try more in the future. These varieties just were not winners in our book.

As always, all opinions stated are my own :)

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